Our heart beats
for animals.

Whether dog, cat, rodent, bird, fish, turtle or hedgehog -
Vitakraft is there for all pets.
Understanding them, their nature, their specific needs and their peculiarities, form the basis of our actions.

Every day we develop, produce and distribute high quality and innovative products that meet the natural needs of each pet - from staple foods to snacks, toys and care.

global, sustainable

We are a traditional company with medium-sized roots. We are now globally positioned but still characterised by our Hanseatic down-to-earth attitude.

Partnership and sustainable action – both internally and externally – are fixed components of our value framework.


Vitakraft Produktion

Quality meets innovation

Since the foundation of our company more than 185 years ago, the quality of the products has been the top priority of Vitakraft.

Our recipes correspond to the latest nutritional and physiological findings and are optimally adapted to the respective animal species.

In addition, we aspire to constantly develop the market through innovations. With the goal of making the cooperation between humans and animals even better.

A strong team

In addition to high-quality products, a successful company story requires one thing above all: a great team.

In #teamvitakraft, we bring together people who are passionate about what they do.  With modern structures, efficient processes, and digital systems, we have our finger on the pulse of the times.

With modern structures, efficient processes, and digital systems, we have our finger on the pulse of the times. We do not see change as a project but rather as an integral part of our daily activities.




in Bremen and the world

Weltkugel mit einem Standortmarker in Asien

on 3 continents

Zwei Vitakraft Produkttüten mit Herz drauf
1.2 Mio.

Products daily
in production and distribution

Weltkugel mit drei roten Herzen an verschiedenen Standorten

Export to over 50 countries
around the globe

Mission Statement

All over the world, we support the responsible, loving, and species-appropriate nutrition and keeping of pets every day.

For generations, we have been promoting socially meaningful relationships and a fulfilling coexistence between humans and animals.



We understand the intimate bond between humans and animals and want to make the togetherness better every day. In every animal home and everywhere in the world.

True to our Vitakraft brand
message. Out of love.

Blaue Rakete


With passion and empathy for the needs of pets and their owners, we develop, produce and distribute innovative, high-quality and needs-based products. Through sustainable action, we contribute to the conservation of vital natural resources.


Outstanding performance, working in partnership, innovative strength & responsible action - these are the pillars on which the values of our company are based.
These core values are the foundation and orientation for our thoughts and actions, and they help us to develop and grow both as individual personalities and as a company.


Over 185 years of love and passion for pets

It all began with the founding of a small feed shop near Bremen. Today, we are a globally active company - and still just as down-to-earth as we were in the beginning.


1837: Foundation of the "Wührmann" company by Heinrich Wührmann in Heiligenrode near Bremen

 Heino Wührmann,1929


Introduction of the Vitakraft brand by Heino Wührmann, the fourth generation to lead the company


Vitakraft celebrates its 100th anniversary


Reconstruction of the destroyed operating facilities after the Second World War


Establishment of 24 distribution centres in western Germany


Start of international expansion in Switzerland


Heiko Wührmann takes over the chairmanship of the company in the fifth generation


Construction of the company headquarters in Achim near Bremen

from 1985

Expansion internationally, including into the USA and Asia


Change in ownership structure


Sales offices in 20 countries on 3 continents


Construction and commissioning of the fully automated high-bay warehouse VitaCube