Tips for couch potatoes: How to keep indoor cats happy.

Not everyone can offer their cat the necessary freedom of movement. That's why house cats don't have to be the unhappier members of their species. They live safer lives and generally grow older than their free-roaming counterparts.

Eine Frau hält ein Spielzeug in der Hand, ihre helle Katze greift mit einer Pfote danach

If you follow a few basic rules, you can give even an indoor cat enough variety and enjoy a balanced pet. No matter which breed you choose: A cat that doesn't know how to go outside won't miss it.

Tip 1: Together you are less alone.

As a general rule, indoor cats should not be kept alone, especially if the owner works. One alternative is a cat sitter. Perhaps a nice neighbor has time to spend with your cat during the day? Nevertheless, you should not forget that cats also have their "favorite person".

Tip 2: Time for intimate moments.

Make time for a few intimate moments with your cat. Even if you only come home at the end of a long day. Greeting and cuddling is a must.

Tip 3: Play for mind and soul.

Daily play sessions should generally be planned in. These can be combined with short training sessions. Cats can also learn to sit and down, complete agility courses and all kinds of other tricks, such as using a table bell to get a treat.

Tip 4: "Hunt" for food instead of just offering it.

Do you like to spoil your cat and are therefore often a little more generous with food? Then make your cat work for its food! This can be done using search games or snack toys, for example. Balls with holes or a box with crumpled paper and a treat hidden inside will encourage your cat to perform at its best. Food bowls with different cavities are ideal for wet food such as Poésie. Different types of meat and fish also provide the necessary variety.

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