Why wet food for cats?

Be honest: there are just as many reasons for wet food as for dry food. Ultimately, your cat will decide for itself what it prefers to eat.

Weiß-schwarze Katze sitzt vor einem Poésie-Fressnapf und leckt sich das Maul

However, it is often the case that cats prefer good wet food such as Poésie®. This is mainly due to the aromatic smell, but also because it corresponds more to the natural diet of cats. After all, wild cats also consume their fluids mainly through the meat of their prey. With wet food, house cats are better able to maintain their fluid balance. This is a real advantage, especially for lazy cats. Other advantages are

  • Wet food is generally more acceptable than dry food.
  • Wet food provides additional hydration.
  • Wet food is also ideal for overweight cats, as the dosage is clearer (with dry food it is easy to pour too much into the bowl)

Wet food is better than dry food, especially for older cats with dental problems or missing teeth