Species-appropriate living. This makes your home the perfect cat territory.

When cats live mainly indoors and have little or no access to the open air, it is all the more important to furnish the four cat walls in a way that is appropriate to their species. And to meet three essential needs of cats:

Katze liegt auf einem Kratzbaum

Cats want to fly high.

The cat that is pulled out of the tree by the fire department is a classic in children's books. But there is a lot of truth to it. Because one thing is clear: cats want to fly high. We should also bear this in mind when keeping cats indoors. The better the cat can use all areas, the happier and more balanced it will be. So make sure there is enough access "into the depths of the room". Ceiling-high scratching posts not only offer climbing possibilities and opportunities to sharpen their claws, but also resting places at different heights. The balcony, which offers the house cat a bit of freedom - secured by a net - should also be structured in a cat-friendly way. An absolute highlight is a "catwalk", where cats can wander across the apartment at lofty heights.

Cats need places to retreat to.

Just as important as variety, however, are hiding and resting places that cats can seek out when they want to escape the hustle and bustle of the home. Spacious lofts may be very nice for the residents, but they are rather unsuitable for cats. They have no way of avoiding their owner, master or other cats living in the apartment. If you have several cats in your home, you should make sure they have separate places to retreat to anyway. An extremely tidy, clear apartment with too few pieces of furniture, sofas, armchairs etc. is also rather unsuitable for cats. Cats love to sleep on the wardrobe or chest of drawers. They often sleep in raised places so that they can keep an eye on everything at all times.

Cats love to watch.

Who doesn't like sitting in a café and watching the hustle and bustle? Cats also love this kind of "gawking". Especially at the window. Here they can spend hours watching what's happening on the street or the birds in the garden. That's why it's best to reserve the window sills for your cat and not clutter them up with other things. A blanket, a cushion - and you have the perfect cat viewing area. It's even better for the cat if the window is fitted with a cat net. Because then it can sniff the fresh air without hesitation and take in the interesting smells from outside. Of course, a cat-proof balcony is even better.