Nice that you exist: Grooming as an expression of affection.

It's best with mom - that's also the first experience of life for our velvet paws. And what does mom do? She cleans and licks her kittens extensively. Our cats remember this primal experience for the rest of their lives and are happy to pass it on.

Rot-getigerte Katze liegt auf dem Schoss einer Frau und wird von ihr mit einem Handschuh gekämmt

Whenever they want to say to their conspecific: I love you. When they do this, they brush particularly extensively exactly where the other person can't reach so well, namely in certain places on the head and neck. Owners can make use of this knowledge. Of course, not all cats are the same. Some particularly like it on the chest, whereas most cats don't particularly appreciate the scratching on the belly, because for them it is more of a fighting and hunting behavior. But even here there are certainly exceptions. Therefore: observe your cat. Which areas does it hold out to be scratched and when does it turn away? This will help you to quickly find out how you can best strengthen group cohesion - because this is another important aspect of mutual grooming.

Grooming - also a hygiene factor.

Our cats feel most comfortable when their fur is soft, clean and free of parasites. Cats are clean animals and take care of their appearance. After all, they often spend several hours a day grooming themselves extensively. However, especially with long-haired cats, licking and grooming reaches its limits. Humans should definitely help here. Especially when it's time to change their coat. To establish grooming as a pleasant ritual, cats should be accustomed to the brush or comb from an early age. A combination of brushing and stroking ensures perfect relaxation. Provided the brush or comb does not pull. Please pay particular attention to this. There is now plenty to choose from - from brushing gloves to undercoat brushes.