A beautiful retreat for cats: trendy cuddly caves

A cuddly cave in the home is perfect for sleeping and hiding. However, you should pay attention to certain points when buying cat dens to ensure that your cat enjoys them for a long time and accepts the new sleeping place.

Graue Katze liegt in einem Kratzbaum

We recommend: Cat caves made of felt or plush

There is now a wide range of cuddly caves with different designs, materials, functions and sizes. As far as the material is concerned, soft materials such as felt or plush are ideal and ensure a high level of acceptance by the cat thanks to the soft interior. Many cat caves already have some kind of cushion or pad inside, which are often washable. If not, a cushion or blanket should always be placed inside. Please replace and wash these at regular intervals.

Cat caves for large and small cats.

Even if cats like narrow, cozy caves, cat owners should make sure they choose the right size. Many cat caves on the market are designed for small or petite domestic cats. If you have a larger cat, such as a Maine Coon, you should therefore find out the exact dimensions. And try out the right size in advance with a cardboard box: Simply place the cat in it and check whether there is enough space on all sides. There are now also cat caves that can easily be converted into a normal sleeping area. For example, a zipper can be used to separate the cave into two parts, creating two bowls.

Once the cat has accepted the cave, it is sure to become its new favorite place. A cat cave protects against draughts and provides cozy warmth. But above all, house tigers love to protect themselves from prying eyes while snoozing.

Cat experts recommend a multifunctional cat cave made of scratch-resistant felt. Thanks to the zipper, the upper part can be removed to create a normal sleeping area. The plush cushion inside is removable and can even be washed in the washing machine. The simple design also blends harmoniously into any home.