A love of pets and our many years' experience continue to inspire our innovative and demand-orientated brand products which we develop to the highest of quality. Product ranges optimised in nutritional value for specific animal types enable a responsible approach to the species-appropriate nourishment for all pets. For a “plus” in energy and vitality!

The best ingredients - naturally!

With each new day the well-being of our pets is of top priority at Vitakraft. We therefore take our lead from the natural living conditions of the animals themselves and we have made it our mission to offer pets the type of species-appropriate nutrition that they would find in the wild - with balanced recipes and, as far as possible, avoiding the use of artificial additives.

Research & development - for a long life

The latest scientific knowledge as well as the experience of our biologists and veterinarians form the basis for the development of our products. For both functional ingredients and the tasty recipes we optimise our products regularly and develop innovations that can do still more for the species-adapted nutrition and protection of our pets.

Purposeful, environmentally friendly production

We have purposefully chosen an environmentally-friendly means of production along the entire supply chain in order to combine the highest possible level of quality with an optimal ecological balance. This includes, for example, our original Vitakraft Kräcker® which are manufactured by hand in our own Vitakraft bakery.

Highest quality - guaranteed!

Targeted quality management plays a particularly important role at Vitakraft. The IFS Food Certification achieved by the company demonstrates that Vitakraft fulfils the highest standards for the safe manufacture of pet food. Pet owners can be reassured that their pet food meets the highest demands in quality at all times.