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Fancy rats are nocturnal rodents but will acclimatise to the life rhythm of the owner. If held appropriate to the species even kids will have a lot of joy with the interesting behavior of these trusting animals. Within our portraits we have collected the important data for you about the fancy rats

Fancy rats


This type of rat has a variety of possible colours and colour combinations, including self (one solid colour) and piebald. They have a small head with big, dark beady eyes, small ears and a pointy nose. The average adult is between 22 to 26 cm long.


The fancy rats that are today kept as pets are a domesticated form of the brown rat; not to be confused with the house rat. Although originally from east Asia, due to their synanthropic behaviour (meaning: ecologically associated with humans), brown rats are generally found wherever there are humans. Selective breeding of the brown rat produced the laboratory rat, an important model organism in biological research, as well as pet rats. 

Special features

Fancy rats require a particularly stimulating environment in a spacious rats’ cage with plenty of interest to keep them amused and space to run around – or they can become bored.



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