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The species-appropriate feeding of reptiles is an important basis for a long life of the animal. Within our portraits we have collected the most important data about the Hermann’s tortoise. Our portraits are updated constantly – so visit us again as soon as possible!

Hermann’s tortoise

Scientific Title

Testudo hermani


Hermann’s tortoise is a very small tortoise with a high, rounded carapace that is yellow with dark patches. Size: max. 20 cm.


Testudo hermanni can be found throughout southern Europe, from France to Turkey. In some regions, however, this species is considered endangered.


This tortoise is suitable for keeping in groups. However, separating males and females is often recommended because the males can become aggressive and very persistent in their pursuit of the females, which can overly unsettle a group.


Hermann’s tortoise is essentially herbivorous (plant eater), consuming animal-based food only as an exception. In the wild, its diet consists primarily of wild herb leaves. When keeping as a pet, they should be given fresh food as well as a high-fibre main food.

Special features

The tortoise goes into hibernation in colder temperatures. Optimum conditions, such as a constant temperature of around 4 °C, are necessary for this.


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