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The species-appropriate feeding of reptiles is an important basis for a long life of the animal. Within our portraits we have collected the most important data about the Red-eared terrapin. Our portraits are updated constantly – so visit us again as soon as possible!

Red-eared terrapin

Scientific Title

Trachemys scripta elegans


The carapace (top shell) is oval and flattened; as a rule, the plastron (bottom shell) is slightly concave (curving inward) in the male and slightly convex (curving outward) in the female. The carapace is mostly green while the plastron is mostly yellow with dark, paired, irregular markings. Red-eared terrapins get their name from the distinctive red patch of skin around their ears. Size: up to 36 cm, weight: up to 4 kg.


The red-eared terrapin (called the red-eared slider in the United States) originates from the USA and Mexico, where it inhabits ponds, small lakes and quiet stretches of river.


It is possible to keep several red-eared terrapins because they tolerate one another well and will even often huddle together in the best sun spots. They do not tend to live in groups in the wild, however, and can often be quite aggressive – especially when food is involved.


In its natural habitat, this terrapin mostly eats fish, crustaceans and insect larvae. When kept as a pet, it requires a special food for carnivorous reptiles, supplemented with fresh food. Although essentially a carnivore (meat eater), it does eat a small amount of plant material.

Special features

The size that an adult red-eared terrapin can reach has often been underestimated in the past. These animals grow quickly, so it is important to choose a sufficiently large tank from the outset!


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