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The species-appropriate feeding of reptiles is an important basis for a long life of the animal. Within our portraits we have collected the most important data about the central bearded dragon. Our portraits are updated constantly – so visit us again as soon as possible!

Central bearded dragon

Alternative Title

Inland bearded dragon

Scientific Title

Pogona vitticeps


Although originally brownish grey in colour, various colours are now bred, including albino, yellow and even red. Size: up to 55 cm (including a 30 cm tail).


The Central bearded dragon is a reptile that occurs in a wide range of arid to semiarid woodland regions of Australia.


Bearded dragons are not social animals, but will often tolerate others, meaning that they can sometimes be kept successfully in a group. However, sooner or later, dominance fighting is inevitable if two males live together.


The Central bearded dragon is an omnivore which, in its natural habitat, eats insects as well as seeds, leaves and other plant material. The young, however, mostly eat meat. When kept as pets, adults should be given fresh vegetarian food on a daily basis and animal-based food every other day at most. It does not always have to be live food; they will also eat dried insects and special food.


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