A poem for your favourite pet

Poésie® - A poem for your favourite pet

Poésie offers just the right product to suit every preference and every taste:

4 varieties - each with their own refined sauce

Delicious meaty pieces or delicate fish, appetizingly combined with vegetables in an irresistibly delicious sauce.

  • Chicken and garden vegetables
  • Turkey in cheese sauce
  • Pollack with pasta and tomato
  • Beef and carrot

The attractive heart shape of our bowls says it already: With Poésie® you feed with heart and mind. Each type of Poésie® contains irresistible taste, the best ingredients and a balanced dose of love, which is exactly what your little tiger wants.

Only the best for a happy cat life

Of course, the delicious 85 g menus are ideally suited to the nutritional needs of cats and convince with the highest quality. And you can even see it thanks to the careful preparation.

Vitakraft. With love.

  • Highest quality
  • Sugar-free recipes
  • No dyes


Say it with Poésie!

One moment affectionate and cuddly, the next withdrawn or stubborn – cats are strong-willed and full of character. That’s why we love them so much! But the choice of the right wet food is definitely a matter of teamwork. And the solution is quickly found: Poésie®

A balanced diet is one of the most important factors for a cat to lead a healthy life. Poésie® not only perfectly meets the needs of adult cats, the delicious varieties also indulge your kitty with irresistibly good taste. A poem for every cat! Your cat will sense that you’ve chosen the very best for it - bite by bite.

Poésie – just the right portion of love and affection, every day. For a loving relationship that lasts a cat’s lifetime.

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