Vitakraft – from small agricultural retailer to international pet food group. What began as a small pet food shop in the village of Heiligenrode near Bremen, Germany, over 180 years ago has since developed into one of the most successful companies in the pet care industry. From the very outset, our company philosophy and our actions have been guided by one key principle: "For the love of pets". Around the world, over 1,000 employees produce and sell around 1.2 million high-quality Vitakraft products every single day.

Vitakraft is now represented by local sales companies in 19 countries across the world.

Vitakraft. With Love.

The Vitakraft® brand is recognised by over 90% of all pet lovers in Germany, and international awareness is constantly on the increase. All of which is no coincidence, but rather the result of the hard work our skilled employees and their dedication to pet welfare. This commitment, together with our close understanding of the needs of individual pets, forms the basis for the trust placed in the Vitakraft® brand by millions of pet owners. At Vitakraft, our number-one priority is to develop and produce innovative, high-quality branded products. By doing so, we ensure that all pets receive the perfect diet – just like in the wild. 

Vitakraft's range of over 2,000 products includes main food, healthy reward snacks, and pet care and hygiene items that have been tried and tested millions of times the world over. All complemented by a comprehensive selection of pet accessories. Based on scientific studies into eating patterns in the wild, Vitakraft devises specific dietary concepts for developing special feed mixes that meet the individual needs of each pet type in accordance with their diverse geographic origins. We let nature guide us in our work, for the benefit of each individual pet. 

Vitakraft remains committed to pursuing this intensive research programme in future so that pet lovers can continue to feed and care for their pets responsibly and in line with their individual needs.

The high level of innovation at Vitakraft continues to revolutionise the international pet care market. Over 5,000 trading partners stock a wide range of Vitakraft pet products in more than 50,000 locations around the world. Millions of pet owners can rest assured that they will find the best for their pets wherever they may be – to ensure that their beloved companions lead long and happy lives.


We understand the intimate bond between humans and pet and want to make the coexistence better every day. At any pets home and anywhere in the world.

In accordance with our brand message – Vitakraft. With love.


With passion and empathy for the needs of pets and their owners, we develop, produce and distribute innovative, high-quality products that meet their needs. By acting sustainably, we make our contribution to the conservation of vital natural resources.

Every day we support responsible, loving and species-appropriate nutrition and keeping of pets all over the world. For generations, we have been cultivating the socially significant relationship and a fulfilled coexistence of humans and pets.


Outstanding performance, working in partnership, innovative strength and responsible behaviour – these are the pillars on which our company’s values are based.

These core values are the fundamental basis and orientation for our thoughts and actions, and they help us to develop and grow – both as individuals and as a company.