How you make your guinea pigs so happy it squeals.

Keeping them in a loving, species-appropriate manner makes them happy. But there is more to making guinea pigs happy. We tell you how you can increase the happiness hormones of your guinea pigs.

Braun-weißes Meerschweinchen liegt auf dem Bauch eines Mädchens in der freien Natur

Happier in a group.

Guinea pigs are still often kept individually. However, if you want to keep your guinea pig happy, make sure they are kept in a group. They will then be much more balanced, stress resistant, and more interested. This, in turn, makes interaction with humans much easier. When forming a group, you should make sure that not only pure females live together. In order to avoid offspring, it is best to get a couple of neutered male guinea pigs. There should be at least two guinea pigs. Even more is better. You will hear it in their squeaking that company makes happy.

Petting and cuddling guinea pigs properly.

First things first: Guinea pigs are not particularly cuddly animals. However, you can still give your guinea pig attention. If it has trust in you, a guinea pig will also let you touch it. You should therefore not overdo it on petting, especially in the beginning. Accustom your guinea pig slowly. Less is often more. It is especially nice for the guinea pig if you put it on a cuddly blanket and lie comfortably next to it. Or place it on a soft pillow on your belly. Then you can cuddle and pet it from time to time. If your guinea pig makes itself small and flat or twitches, this is a sign of discomfort. Then it is better to try again the next day. Your guinea pig likes it best to be lightly scratched behind the ear with the tip of your finger. But also a little finger massage along the back does good.

Guinea pigs need rest.

If you want to be attentive to your guinea pig, avoid a noisy environment. Guinea pigs can be quite sensitive to noise. In particular, high-pitched, shrill sounds frighten them deeply. You should also avoid fast, jerky movements, which immediately set off the guinea pig’s alarm. Children in particular have a habit of being too resolute with guinea pigs. Therefore, it is best to give your child a small cracker in their hand that they can hold out to the guinea pig at eye level. As a general rule: The calmer the environment, the more stress-free your furry little friends are.

Guinea pigs love variety.

You often see guinea pigs just sitting in small cages and munching away. What is often completely overlooked here: Guinea pigs like to move around, are curious, and play with their conspecifics. Also, when it comes to food, they are happy when they can “work it out” and look for it.

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