Tips to combat winter fatigue: how to keep your cat fit.

Cats sleep for around two thirds of the day, i.e. an average of around 16 hours. In the darker months of the year, they can even sleep for up to 22 hours. That almost borders on hibernation.

Braun-weiße Katze läuft auf einer Terasse

Sounds tempting - but the same applies to cats as it does to us humans: too much sleep is not good for you. It leads to reduced fitness, sluggishness and weight gain. Do you think a little winter flab has never done anyone any harm? That depends. Around 40 percent of our house pets suffer from obesity. If a few rolls of flab are then added in winter, the limit of what is good is quickly exceeded. To keep track, you should weigh your cat regularly. At the latest when it has put on more than ten percent, it is time for a winter fitness program.

Tip 1: Fresh air to combat the winter blues

The best remedy for tiredness is fresh air. This starts with regular ventilation. Of course, it's even better if your cat can go out onto the balcony or into the garden. Does your outdoor cat just wave tiredly when you open the door? Try to get him to come with you. Keep yourself busy in the garden or on the balcony. Most cats are too keen to know what "their" human is up to out there. Play sessions can also be moved to the fresh air. This is a great way for humans and cats to banish the winter blues together.

Tip 2: Reduce food rations

People who exercise less need fewer calories. That's why food rations and treats should be adapted to the cat's reduced need for exercise in winter. If the ratio of energy intake to energy consumption is right, the cat will automatically become more active again. Do you find it difficult to put your cat on a diet? Then make them work for their food. You can find tips here.

Tip 3: Liven up your cat's diet

Variety is the be-all and end-all in cat life - especially for indoor cats. However, as even passionate outdoor cats mutate into couch potatoes in winter, you can take all the tips that generally apply to indoor cats to heart. See also our tips for indoor cats. So try out a new game. Let your cat search for or chase its treats. A ceiling-high scratching post encourages climbing. Scented cushions with catnip or valerian also have a stimulating effect. A box of leaves from the forest or a snowball offer your cat new impressions and sensory experiences. Not to forget: Time together. Even if you are suffering from winter fatigue yourself, make time for your cat, especially now. Cuddles on the sofa are also good for your cat.