The perfect feeding place for your cat

Cats are picky when it comes to food. Also when it comes to the food bowl and the feeding place.

Weiße Katze frisst aus einem silbernen Futternapf

The feeding place should be quiet, free from draughts and clean. The bowls for cat food and water should not be too close together. Half a meter is ideal here. And very important: please do not place the litter tray in the same room. If there are several cats in the household, there should be enough space between the food bowls. After all, every cat likes to have its own "feeding territory".

The food bowls themselves come in a wide variety of designs and shapes. Basically, it should be easy to clean and have a good stand. Stainless steel models with a rubber base or heavy porcelain bowls are definitely recommended. But plastic bowls are also hygienic and easy to clean. As these are lighter, a rubber mat can provide a secure base. Incidentally, a flat cat bowl is better for cats with long whiskers or a flat nose.