Nice that you exist. How rituals strengthen your relationship with your cat.

If you work all day or there are children in the household, the cat often just goes with you. This makes it all the more important to strengthen your relationship with your cat through rituals.

Frau hält ihre Katze im Arm und kuschelt mit ihr

Even though cats are known as loners, they still need love and affection. We have put together a few simple tips on how to create a good relationship between humans and cats despite the stress of everyday life.

Tip 1: Give your cat a warm welcome

Finally home after eight hours at work, your hands full of shopping bags - and the cat is already waiting for its two-legged friend at the front door. It is often the case that you simply walk into the apartment and ignore the cat apart from a quick "hello". But this is exactly the kind of greeting that shouldn't happen! It's better this way:

  • Greet the cat cheerfully as soon as you open the door
  • Put all shopping, bags, post etc. to one side first
  • Be at "eye level" with the cat, preferably kneel down or crouch slightly
  • Stroke and scratch your cat extensively

Tip 2: Plan play and cuddle time for your cat

The best ritual for your cat is when you integrate playtime together into the day. And cuddle with your cat at least once a day. This can be in the morning or even better in the late evening when everyone is relaxed. It can also be just 10 minutes at a time. But you should definitely allow yourself and your cat this time. Preferably always at the same time of day.

It is important to find out what your cat likes best. Is it chasing? Then ball games or chasing mice are a welcome change. Does the cat prefer to be kept busy mentally? Then intelligence toys or food games are a good idea. If you want to be more active, you can play catch and hide and seek with your cat. It is best to always have a few treats and cat snacks from Vitakraft to hand.

Tip 3: Maintain feeding rituals

Love goes through the stomach. An intimate human-cat relationship can be strengthened through feeding rituals. This requires fixed mealtimes for the cat. For example, in the morning and in the evening, preferably at the same time. Your cat will also enjoy variety in its food bowl. Poésie wet food offers a wide selection of varieties and textures - so that your cat doesn't get bored at mealtimes.

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