Our corporate philosophy


We understand the intimate bond between humans and pet and want to make the coexistence better every day. At any pets home and anywhere in the world.

In accordance with our brand message – Vitakraft. With love.


With passion and empathy for the needs of pets and their owners, we develop, produce and distribute innovative, high-quality products that meet their needs. By acting sustainably, we make our contribution to the conservation of vital natural resources.

Every day we support responsible, loving and species-appropriate nutrition and keeping of pets all over the world. For generations, we have been cultivating the socially significant relationship and a fulfilled coexistence of humans and pets.


Outstanding performance, working in partnership, innovative strength and responsible behaviour – these are the pillars on which our company’s values are based.

These core values are the fundamental basis and orientation for our thoughts and actions, and they help us to develop and grow – both as individuals and as a company.

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