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  • 1. How can I apply?

    You can apply to us via web or by post.

    By application form:

    The fastest way to reach us is using our application form.

    By post:

    You can send your application file to the following address:

    Vitakraft-Werke Wührmann & Sohn GmbH & Co. KG
    HR department
    Postfach 45 01 55
    28295 Bremen

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  • 2. How should my application look?

    Your full documentation should generally consist of a letter, your CV and your references. You may choose to supplement this with project lists, an overview of your skills, samples of your work etc.

    Below is a small overview of the style weprefer.

    Application photo

    By looking at your photo, the HR department can make an initial judgment, which will principally have to do with the quality of the photo, the image it gives out and a suitable choice of clothing. The photo should be taken by a professional photographer.


    The letter is a kind of report, in which you evaluate your abilities and knowledge. You should make  reference to your professional goals and ambitions, and your personal profile, among other things. Details regarding your mobility and an idea of your salary expectations are also important information for our HR department, and will take you a step closer to success.

    Curriculum Vitae

    The curriculum vitae (CV) provides an overview of your career to date. What experience and  knowledge can you contribute? Structure your career history starting from your current position and work backwards, using generic terms. Your CV should be presented clearly and comprehensively for the reader, and should not contain any gaps. Please describe each role and the responsibilities  involved in a couple of bullet points.


    These should include school, further education and university certificates, verifications of completed  internships, courses and employers' references. Depending on the size of the attachment, we also recommend including a list. Please be careful, however, not to overwhelm your counterpart with paper and to separate the essential from the non-essential. You should also observe chronological order here.

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  • 3. What will happen to my application once I've submitted it?

    Once we have received your completed application documents, you will be sent confirmation of receipt and your application will be forwarded to the relevant department. Speculative applications will be forwarded to relevant departments with potential opportunities.

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  • 4. How does the selection process work?

    The relevant department will make a pre-selection of all applications received. We will make every effort to give you a clear idea of the further process in as short a time as possible. If we are interested in your application, you will be invited to attend an initial face-to-face interview, in which the focus will be on your professional qualifications and your questions. Sometimes the initial interview will also be preceded by a phone interview. Following the first interview, in general there will be a second meeting with a different group of interviewers from the relevant business unit. In certain departments, you may be required to undergo on-site testing following the first interview.

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  • 5. What happens after the interview?

    If you succeed in impressing us personally and professionally in the second interview and we have agreed to work together with you, we will send you a written offer of a contract.

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  • 6. Will my travel costs for the interview be reimbursed?

    We will be happy to reimburse the travel costs from your place of residence in Germany to the location of the interview. After your interview, please send your travel cost receipts or tell us how many kilometres you travelled, and forward your bank account details to the HR department. Loss of earnings, accommodation expenses and expenditure on food associated with your trip to the interview cannot be reimbursed.

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