DreamBone® – delicious snacks for chewing without beef skin!


Chewing bone as a healthy snack between meals.

DreamBone® DENTAL

Enriched with parsley seed oil, chlorophyll and wholesome active agents for added dental care.

DreamBone® STICKS

Also available as tasty chewing bars with chicken rolled up inside.


Little balls with rattling chicken snacks inside.


  • Delicious aroma
  • Especially easy to digest
  • Ideal for gluten intolerance, too
  • Only 0.3% fat
  • Contains valuable vitamin E and trace elements
  • Dental care effect

Delicious snacks for chewing - with no beef skin at all!

Are you familiar with our DreamBone® articles?
Cleverly rolled chewing bones, sticks or balls with delicious chicken fillet and vegetables.

A perfect taste!

Delicious fillet of chicken is used for DreamBone® as well as other tasty ingredients such as corn, peas, sweet potatoes and carrots.


DreamBone® encourages species-appropriate activity, thereby helping to avoid boredom and destructive behaviour. Extensive chewing also promotes dental health and strengthens the dog’s teeth.

No beef skin!

More and more dogs suffer from food allergies. DreamBone®  is an ideal alternative for dogs with an intolerance to beef.

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